About Us


To be an indispensable business partner – the most valued bridge between our vendors and customers. Measurably contribute to the growth and profitability of our customers both vendors and resellers in a manner that is difficult to replicate or substitute.


Noontech will focus on enhancing the success of its business partners, associates, and investors while embracing its values of innovation, accountability, integrity, teamwork and respect, learning and social responsibility.

The manufacturing stage

The supply chain is defined as a network of independent or semi-independent business entities collectively from the activities of securing the needs, manufacturing and distribution related to one or more interconnected products. It is a set of methodologies used to effectively integrate suppliers and manufacturers - stores - stores - so that goods are produced and distributed in correct quantities to Correct locations at the right time

After sales stage

After-sales service is a process that is provided after the sale of a commodity or service to the customer, and most after-sales services include a guarantee, upgrade, repair service, training on use, a money-back guarantee or replacement in the event of damage or defects, and the after-sales service includes a wide range It is a service that meets the needs of consumers and is designed to assist customers in using the product correctly

  • Long term contracts

    Besides duration, there are more differences between long and short-term contracts. A long-term contract is an agreement when an agency and a client have some serious projects to work on. We aren’t talking about making a new logo here. We’re talking long-term social media and marketing strategies, SEO campaigns, and analytics that often require many months (even years) to figure out and capitalize on. What’s a long-term contract in terms of a timescale? Anything that’s around 6 to 12-months:

  • Import & Export

    Inspired by the growth of the Internet and the potential for yet more growth, It was envisioned that an online exchange could reduce transaction and marketing costs for participating businesses. NOON TECH. was created back in 2015 with a single vision in mind: To be an online business exchange for businesses worldwide. And we have built hundreds of trade networks to fulfil this mission.

  • Online Wholesale & retail

    We are a team passionately focused on driving business success. We bring together the powers of world-class e-сommerce technologies and make them easy and accessible to the masses. Our support is fanatical, and we never stop learning.

  • Production & innovation

    Since the beginning, the team believes in breaking the old rules. We launched several new concepts and services like Trade Networks, Trust Points, and more. But innovation is only valuable when they can satisfy our members' needs. Our active members provide a constant flow of fresh ideas every day on how we can further improve