To be an indispensable business partner – the most valued bridge between our vendors and customers


Noontech will focus on enhancing the success of its business partners, associates, and investors

Our goal

Continuing in the Gulf market and spreading all over the world with a good reputation
About us

With all humility we have become what it is in Noon Techno

Established in 2015 in Saudi Arabia, your company is a leading distributor of mobile phones and accessories in the Gulf countries. With exclusive distribution agreements with major brands, you have a strong market presence and a track record of success. Offering a diverse range of products, including smartphones, earphones, cases, and chargers, you meet the varied needs of customers in the region. Being at the forefront of the industry, you prioritize innovation and stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. Your commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets you apart as a reliable and reputable player in the Gulf’s accessories and mobile phone distribution market.

  • Accuracy in handling .
  • experience in the Gulf market.
  • Obligation in contracts.
  • Continuous expansion.
Call to ask any question 00 966 . 55 144 1512

Hamad alajmi

(Chairman and founder)
Our Services

Empowering Saudi Arabia with the leading smartphone giants, we unlock unlimited possibilities and redefine excellence. With a wide-reaching network and collaborations with industry giants, we unleash unparalleled creativity and innovation.

Substitution For Apple

Substitution For Apple

Exclusive Apple Authorized Sales Agent in Saudi Arabia: Your Gateway to the World of Apple Excellence
Substitution for Xiaomi

Substitution for Xiaomi

Premier Xiaomi Authorized Sales Agent in Saudi Arabia: Unleashing the Power of Xiaomi Technology
Substitution for Samsung

Substitution for Samsung

Leading Samsung Authorized Sales Agent in Saudi Arabia: Elevating the Samsung Experience
Substitution For Nokia

Substitution For Nokia

Nokia Authorized Sales Agent in Saudi Arabia: Unleashing the Power of Nokia Technology with a Touch of Excellence.
Substitution For Realme

Substitution For Realme

Realme Authorized Sales Agent in Saudi Arabia: Unleashing the Power of Realme Technology with Unparalleled Innovation.
Substitution for Redmi

Substitution for Redmi

Redmi Agent in Saudi Arabia: Harnessing the Power of Redmi Technology, Redefining the Future of Innovation.
Our Customers

Our esteemed customers represent some of our largest clientele, underscoring their significance and value to our business


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Driving Excellence and Building Trust: Our Ongoing Contract with 99+ Clients, 300+ Satisfied Customers, and a Team of 15+ Dedicated Agents”This statement encapsulates the success and achievements of your company

with 99+ clients, the satisfaction of over 300 customers, and the dedicated team of 15+ agents. It highlights your commitment to excellence, trust-building, and the recognition you’ve received with 20+ prestigious awards.

Ongoing Contract

Satisfied clients

Winning awards

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